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Kuretake (and its subsidiary brand, ZIG) is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality inks, writing materials, pens, markers, watercolors and watercolor markers, highlighters, and stationary products.

Kuretake was founded in Nara, Japan in 1902, where their corporate office is still based today. The Japanese pronunciation is koo-reh-tah-keh but in English we tend to pronounce it as kure-a-tack-ee.

The firm began its activities manufacturing sumi ink and brushes and then expanded its range of products, producing mainly pens.The firm also gained reputation for its "brush pen", actually a marker pen with a brush-shaped flexible tip but refillable, using replaceable ink cartridges like fountain pens do. The brush pen by Kuretake was the first to use cartridges. Brush pens (designed and recommended for calligraphy) have also gained popularity among comic book artists, who choose them to ink their works instead of dip pens or traditional brushes.

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